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We have prepared this section to answer all your questions about who we are, what we do, how are the EB3- Other workers processes, which are the companies that have vacancies in the USA, how can I apply, etc.


We work with expert immigration law firms in PERM, among them are: DelaFuente Law Group, The office of David Yukorsky and Ruby Law Group.

MCC USA is a private recruiting firm and therefore does not have a regulatory body. On the other hand, Immigration Attorneys, who are in charge of the legal process, are regulated by the BAR ASSOCIATION of the United States.

MCC USA is a privately held company and its owners are: Manuel Lievano, current CEO and Juliana Mejia, current VP of Corporate Relations. Juliana Mejía is also an ICCRC certified immigration consultant for immigration processes in Canada.

Using any search tool like Google, you can type ”MCC USA” and you will find articles in the press, webinars with important media, videos of our clients on YouTube, testimonials of our success stories, reviews, our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account, with a lot of relevant content for you to do your own research.

As of 2020, MCC USA decided to make its operation 100% remote. Although we have an office in Miami and Bogota, we do not normally attend every day, so you should schedule an appointment with one of our senior consultants to guide you through the process and get to know our spaces physically.

It is key to note that the SPONSOR of the process is not MCC USA. We as a company act as RECRUITER, if our company should cease to operate, the sponsorship process remains intact; since the owner of this process is the SPONSOR, and the law firm that handles the legal process is a third party company.

Before starting the EB-3 process

If you are already in the U.S., you can apply as long as you make sure that you can maintain legal status during the time it takes for the EB-3 program to run. If for some reason your legal status cannot be maintained and you have to return to your home country, you can continue with the EB-3 process to be finalized outside the United States as consular processing.

If you have a J-1 visa you can apply for EB-3, you must make sure to maintain the validity of the J-1 visa during the process and in case it is not possible you can finish the process in your country of origin or a country outside the United States as a consultation process.

Yes, you can apply for EB3 processing if you meet these two conditions; you did not let your I-94 expire before applying for asylum and you have not been summoned to court.

We recommend that individuals do not depart the United States at the beginning of Phase 2 of the EB-3 process, i.e. once the I-140 is filed. The rationale for this recommendation is to avoid the risks of re-entering the United States on a tourist visa when an intent to immigrate to the United States has already been filed.

To work in the United States you must have explicit authorization to do so, working illegally and being paid to perform such work may constitute an inadmissibility that you should be aware of before making the decision to apply for an EB3 process.

If you can start it, what you cannot do is stay in the United States more than the 6 months that the tourist visa authorizes you to stay, Having started EB-3, DOES NOT GIVE YOU A PENDING STATUS TO LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES WHILE YOUR PROCESS IS COMPLETED, so if you only have a tourist visa, you must return to your country and wait for the process to be completed from there, once completed, you become a permanent resident and you can enter and leave whenever you want.

You could make a change to a student visa, to name an example, but we do not provide that service, you must seek it separately. Once your student visa is in process, you can contact us again and at that time we can help you initiate the EB3 process as an adjustment of status from student status or any other status that will allow you to live legally in the United States for the duration of the EB3 process. If for some reason you can no longer maintain your status before EB3 is completed, you must leave the U.S. and your process continues as normal, you would just have to wait for it to be completed by living in your home country for example.

Arriving in the United States after
completing the EB-3 process

We facilitate your localization process by providing you with prior information, developing informative webinars and putting you in contact with external people and companies that can help you throughout the process of finding housing, schools, transportation, banks and key information for living in the United States.

When you are in the United States and subject to fulfilling the work commitment you have with your sponsor, you may travel outside the United States as long as the duration outside the United States does not exceed 180 days.

If you reach an agreement with your Sponsor and your work allows it, you may be able to develop other types of work activities.

The first entry into the United States, once the EB-3 visa is approved, must be with the applicant and the entire family nucleus involved in the process. This in order to file the paperwork with immigration, and start the process of generating the Green Card and SSN (Social Security Number).

The Sponsor may make a decision to revoke your visa. That is why it is very important to comply with the moral commitment to work for one or more years, depending on the commitment with your Sponsor, and avoid situations that may jeopardize your residency status or even the application for citizenship later on.

The pet travel process is completely external to MCC USA, and is not part of the EB-3 visa process.