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At MCC USA we connect you with U.S. companies that are willing to offer you a job opportunity, in exchange for a long-term commitment (at least one year).

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Since 1990, the United States has allowed companies with labor shortages to sponsor foreign workers who are willing and qualified to work in low-demand positions such as cleaning, logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, food and beverage services.

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What’s amazing about this job opportunities is that anyone, regardless of their background, can apply.

Our companies offers training so there’s no need to worry about previous experience

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Todd Roller

Stoughton Trailers

Stoughton Trailers’ Director of Human Resources tells us about the company that makes the best trailers in America.

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Luis Galindo

Client testimonial Visa EB-3

After being eligible, Luis Galindo obtained the Green Card working for Badger Bus. In addition, he took his family with him, as the EB-3 program allows it. Now his wife and son are also living and working legally in the US.

Client testimonial

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What is MCC USA?

We are official recruiters for American companies looking for international workers to solve problems of labor shortage and high turnover.

We are based
in Miami, Florida.

In 2023, we recruited
workers from 84 countries.

We have more than 1.000
jobs available for 2024.

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84 countries

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Your real opportunity to generate income and fulfill your internships in the USA.

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Obtain $700 USD* for each referral linked to the process.

$350 USD* Benefit for the linked referral.

Who have we benefited with our referral program?

+921.600 USD* Paid in our referral program.

+1.000 People have benefited (among ambassadors and linked referrals).


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