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CEO TALKS-Manuel-Lievano
In this space, you will meet Manuel Liévano, CEO and founder of MCC USA, who will share valuable insights and answer your questions in real time.

Don’t miss this opportunity to interact directly with the CEO of MCC USA!

This is a virtual event for those who have not yet had a meeting with a senior consultant from MCC USA.

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What will you find in this edition of CEO TALKS?

You’ll have the opportunity to meet the founder and CEO of MCC USA, who will share his recruitment experience and valuable insights to boost your process. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to:

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Meet our Speaker

Manuel Liévano

Co-founder and CEO of MCC USA.

Under Manuel’s leadership, MCC USA has undergone a complete operational transformation with record financial growth. operational transformation with record financial growth.

As a result, MCC USA is currently an industry leader with a recruiting presence in more than 52 countries worldwide. 52 countries worldwide.

The company has achieved 12 consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth year over year, doubling the size of the business in just three years.

As leader of the company, Manuel has maintained MCC USA’s commitment to connect with both employees and customers, creating the strongest business possible.

Manuel holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota.

He currently lives in Miami, Florida, with his wife Juliana and their two children.

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We have recruited more than 2,990 International employees

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